Our Company:

Property Space is developed and managed by Sentry Dynamics, Inc. Sentry is a regional leader in online property information and mapping solutions for the real estate, utility and natural resource markets.

Our Values

  • Respect and Trust of each other based on individual integrity
  • Community is important; we participate, learn and give back
  • Objectives are common through communication within our teams
  • Client respect and trust are earned
  • Technology driven through innovative design targeted for our customers
  • Welcoming, honest and direct in our business relationships

The company was founded by Jack Sjostrom in 2000 and is located at the University of Idaho Research Park in Post Falls, Idaho.

Sentry Dynamics Logo

Sentry Dynamics, Inc.
University of Idaho Research Park
721 S Lochsa St. Suite 16
Post Falls, ID 83854
P: 208.777.1252
W: http://www.digitshare.org
E: info@sentrydynamics.net